Oct 16, 2015

House tour in Berlin Calendar

I publish three calendars that are derived from my work in a hackason.

These calendars consist of slots for open house tour in Berlin ( although ,so far, these includes slots only from GMRE )

Clicking "+Google Calendar", you can also add them to your calendar apps.

1 motivation

Originally I expect as users who plans to move from his/her WG and to start to live alone, or who are busy to search his/her own flats. I'm interested in how people can actually use them, that's why I publish it.

2 note

I've already met the unexpected situations, thus don't expect too much. I cannot be responsible with house tours themselves. (i.e. although an half hour passes from the appointed time, no one nor agent from estate company appears. Usually people break out in an hour.)

And please keep it in your mind to carry these 4 documents

  • copy of passport / identification
  • "Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung" published by current your flat owner
  • SCHUFA ( published within two months )
  • income proof of the last three month

If you have any feedback, please give it to me via email or twitter (@Camparijet)