Apr 21, 2015



家を探してこちらに応募してくる方の話を聞いていると、被害はなくても詐欺に遭遇していることが多いようです。 詐欺の一例なんぞを書いておきます。

immobilienscout24での例。 このメールが来たら要注意。


I just read your e-mail to my apartment.
I bought this apartment for my daughter during her studies, but now she's back home permanently, so I'm renting it out.

The location is Torstraße 193, 10115 Berlin, Mitte.

We no longer use the space, so you can even rent for a long term.
The apartment is fully furnished and renovated, as you could see in the photos.
You can find my furniture, or you can also make your own if you prefer.
If you decide you, you can store my furniture in the large basement cellar.
The place is fully equipped with air conditioning, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, etc. equipped
Also very important, the utilities (water, electricity, internet, digital TV,) are included in the rent of 350 €.
The caution € 700 and you get it back when you will move out (I have a period of 30 days will have).
Well, a little about me: I am 52 years old architect from London.
I'm a pet owner myself, so I will not have any problems if you keep a pet in the house, as long as nothing is damaged want.
Unfortunately, my work did not allow me to do any traveling for the next few months, so I do not get into the situation and meet you in person for a while.
However, this will not affect the rental at all. I can make arrangements to a real estate agency handle everything for me.
I want to know how many people you want to share the flat with, and for how long. All other details about yourself would be appreciated.
So I think that it is now, I hope I have not forgotten anything.


Friendly greetings from the UK!

Andrew Tyas

ここにより詳細な現場レポートがあるので、ご参照あれ。Google Translateを忘れずに。


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