Mar 16, 2017

Malcious Ad is now removed by Media Math

Rapid reaction by Media Math

Here is an update for the previous article.

and in 3days, they also told this problem is resolved.

try to visit the page again, and now it's safer!

  1. go to the Nikkei's article where the problem happened
  2. check XHR (here is the zipped one)
It still shows mathtag in Rubicon Project's partner area
    "pingdom_id": "399231",
    "ttl": 7,
    "img": "",
    "priority": 10,
    "secure": {
 "img": ""
    "resync": 1,
    "partner": "mediamath"
AND I confirm NO REQUEST to malcious server happens now. Yeah!
Thank you for the Media Math team! Now I can continue browsing safer Internet and My grandmother as well.