Apr 8, 2018



Happily we had a small home party to celebrate wedding of frends on Saturday evening. After dinner, we play a board game ( main part !).

We played Carcassonne, which is a board game to grow areas and own a buildings ( castle, path and surrounding area ).

Official (Zmangames)

play scene


  • each player chooses color of "meeple"
  • put all area cards face down in a place
  • decide order of play
  • repeate until there is no card
    • choose an area card
    • put the area card in a map
      • if card finites construction, you get scores.
    • If you have meeple, you can decide whether you own feature in the card


We played 4 and it was fun. I guess the core is balance of using meeple and whether you can finish construction or not. If you put "meeple" in construction that cannot finish later, your investment will be nothing.