Jan 2, 2016

In case your "Add to Feedly" bookmarklet doesn't work

2018/05/04: Update Bookmarklet due to feedly's change

I still like RSS reader.

Although news curation webservice are rapidly growing, my concern often goes beyond their coverage. That is why I still like it.

Recently I switched RSS reader from Live Dwango Reader to Feedly. And as a bookmarklet for register a rss to feedly by bookmarklet by @labnol (original article)

It works generally, and I enjoy the my RSS life But I also found it not to work in some websites. (i.e.

So I added tiny code for error handling. Here it is :)

+ feedly

I hope it will help feedly users who meets the same error as I did.

( [2016-01-04 Mon] added.)

Here is the one post by Feedly official.

In the comments, some mentioned bookmarklet.

I also tried the above one, but it still miss these sites, unfortunately.